Notice: Performance Monitoring Event Lists Relocated


  1. PerfMon event lists are now available on GitHub at
  2. Starting November 14th, 2022 all files (.csv, .txt, .xlsx, .json) will be removed.
  3. If you need help migrating to GitHub please email or open a GitHub Issue.

Action Required

Please update all bookmarks, tooling, or other scripting which currently reference to use GitHub.


Clone and use git to monitor for changes and fetch updates.

Alternatively, programs which currently fetch mapfile.csv and construct URLs based on mapfile contents, can directly replace with

Additional Information

Notice: JSON Layout Changing


  1. JSON event files will now include a Header object. This header will be used to track event file publication dates, versions, and similar information.
  2. Specific details and examples are located at

Action Required

Please update all tools and scripts processing JSON event files.

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