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evolution: binaries compiled for GNOME Evolution
mac: binary compiled for Mac OS X (i386 and PPC)
sources: complete source code
parent directory: contains repositories which also include SyncEvolution, see

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Latest Official Release: 0.8.1a for Mac OS X, 0.8.1 everything else

This is version improves calendar support (better time zone support,
now also synchronizes detached recurrences) and comes with a
completely new command line interface (no need to copy and edit
configuration files!). Various feature requests were implemented and
one reason for a segfault was fixed.

- on the Nokia 770/N800/N810 point your browser to the following
  URL to add the APT repository and install syncevolution:
- on an x86 or amd64 desktop using APT, add the following entry to
  deb stable main
- on non-APT desktops unpack the corresponding .tar.gz
- on Mac OS X, unpack the syncevolution-0.8-mac-os-x.tar.gz, then create a config
  just as on any other platform via the command line

The release 0.7 for the iPhone is still available, but the repository
might no longer work with There is no 0.8 release for the
iPhone, use Funambol's client instead.

Since 0.6 SyncEvolution ran on Nokia's 770 and 800, which only used
Evolution under the hood. On the iPhone it is entirely independent of
Evolution, so it is time for a name change:
  "SyncEvolution - the SyncML client for Evolution"
is dead, long live
  "SyncEvolution - the missing link".

So far there were very limited ways to give feedback to the developer
of SyncEvolution. Now there is not just one, but several new ways to
suggest improvements and/or simply show your appreciation of this
- Send a postcard to the author (see
- Leave comments on the author's blog:
- If you really want to, you can donate an arbitrary amount of
  money via PayPal to This is by no means
  required: SyncEvolution is free software in all meanings of 
  the word. The author does not depend on this income either and
  promises to spend it on SyncEvolution related expenses instead
  of wasting it on booze and women...

As before, you can of course also use:
- the Funambol SourceForge mailing lists:
- the ScheduleWorld forum for issues related to it:
- private email: